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Barnard Outstanding Service Award: Barnard Outstanding Service Award

Barnard Outstanding Service Award

The Barnard Outstanding Service Award was established by David and Kay Barnard to recognize library staff members who have achieved over and above what is required in their position description and have made outstanding contributions in serving the information needs of students, faculty, and staff.  The Award continues to be supported by the David P. Barnard Family Endowment and the Stout Foundation, Inc.


Award Recipients

Cory Mitchell


Cory Mitchell was the 2019 recipient of the Barnard Award. Statements on Cory’s behalf recognized his “excellent communication with faculty,” his continuing “interest in building a robust collection,” his concerted efforts to understand the unique needs of each campus population, and his prompt acquisition of requested materials.

Cory’s continuous initiatives to collaboratively develop collections with constituents, combined with his dedication to promoting and facilitating the use of Open Educational Resources, exemplify the standards of excellence defined by this recognition.


Heather Stecklein


Heather Stecklein is the 2017-2018 recipient of the Barnard Outstanding Service Award.  Heather manages the University Archives, Area Research Center and is the Campus Records Officer.  She also teaches classes and assists students, faculty, and staff in the Archives.




Kate Kramschuster 2016-2017

Kate Kramschuster 2016-2017

Robert Butterfield 2015-2016

Robert Butterfield 2015-2016

Matthew Decker-Maurer 2014-2015

Matthew Decker-Maurer 2014-2015

Kathy Winter 2013-2014

Kathy Winter 2013-2014

Josh Steans 2012-2013

Josh Steans 2012-2013

Robin Melland 2011-2012

Robin Melland 2011-2012

No Photo Available

Jeanette Schermann 2010-2011

Jana Reeg-Steidinger

Jana Reeg-Steidinger 2009-2010

Bill Johnston

Bill Johnston 2008-2009

Rebecca Hendrickson

Rebecca Hendrickson 2007-2008

Kevin Thorie

Kevin Thorie 2006-2007

LuAnn Olson

LuAnn Olson 2005-2006

Vicki Tritt

Vicki Tritt 2004-2005

Yvonne Burton

Yvonne Burton 2003-2004

Mary Richards

Mary Richards 2002-2003

Carol Hagness

Carol Hagness 2001-2002

Diana Slater

Diana Slater 2001-2002

Jeanette Brunner

Jeanette Brunner 2000-2001

About the Barnards

David and Kathleen Barnard








David and Kathleen (Kay) Barnard have been involved with the University of Wisconsin-Stout for over 70 years. Kay came to Stout as a transfer student in 1938. After raising a family she went on to have a successful career in education. Dave transferred to Stout as a student in 1940 and was hired in 1946 to teach graphic arts and audio-visual education. From 1970-1987 Dave was the Dean of Learning Resources (which included the Library).

Since their retirements, the Barnards have continued to play an active role in the development of the University, the Library, as well as the community. In 2009 Dr. Barnard was named the Outstanding Alumnus of the year for the University.