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Library Exhibit Policy

Preparing a Display or Exhibit

University Library welcomes displays and exhibits that highlight library and archival resources and/or enhance the cultural and intellectual life of the university. Exhibits provide an excellent opportunity for the library to engage in collaborative projects that support the teaching and research mission of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. The library is committed to presenting diverse points of view and to the principles of academic freedom as outlined through the Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement. The information on this page is intended to help our campus partners think through the process of creating an exhibit or display in the University Library.

What is a Library Display?

A display is a selection of items, either physical or virtual, with little to no accompanying text or provided interpretation. The purpose of a library display is to promote interest and/or awareness of programs, resources, and services.

Example: First Floor Lobby Table

What is a Library Exhibit?

An exhibit is a selection of items, either physical or virtual, with accompanying textual, visual, or auditory content to communicate between the library and its users. Exhibits should have learning outcomes and often require considerable research. Learning outcomes do not need to be formal and would likely focus on affecting change in an audience, such as a change of feeling or a motivation to learn more.

Example: Second Floor Glass Case

Application Procedure

Guests must complete the Exhibit Request Form a minimum of two weeks before installing an exhibit or display and comply with the policies and guidelines detailed below. Unauthorized displays, regardless of content or message, will be removed immediately. If you are interested in a digital exhibit or display with University Archives, please email the Digital Archivist at  Final decisions regarding displays and exhibits are the purview of the University Library's Public Relations Chair, the Assistant Library Director, and the Director of the University Archives, where applicable.

Display & Exhibit Policies

  • Guest displays and exhibits must be sponsored by a University of Wisconsin- Stout department, class, or student organization.
  • Displays and exhibitions should have a clearly identifiable educational or artistic purpose and content.
  • Displays can be requested for library placement for a minimum of one week and a maximum of eight weeks depending on the timeliness of the display and other scheduled exhibits. 
  • The sponsoring organization or department assumes full responsibility for exhibit costs, logistics, content, installation, removal, and damage to library property.
  • All guests must comply with the guidelines and procedures below and complete the Exhibit Request Form a minimum of two weeks before installing an exhibit or display.  

Installation Guidelines

  • Blue tape and 3M Command strips are the only approved materials if attaching art to walls.  The library has brick hooks available for use on brick walls.
  • Mobile display panels (4’ wide) with which pins can be used for hanging, can be arranged to use from campus facilities.  Units should place a Work Order through their department with an appropriate funding line to have panels delivered to the library floor which has been pre-approved by library staff. 
  • Displays and exhibits must be in compliance with safety and ADA guidelines.   Proposed displays should also adhere to design accessibility standards. Groups are encouraged to use the Design Accessibility resources available through the library website.
  • Should a group wish to use circulating library materials in the display, the materials must be checked out at the circulation desk to be marked as “on display.” This keeps library materials locatable and accessible to library users.
  • Displays and exhibits are often located in high traffic areas where visibility reduces the likelihood of damage or theft of display materials. However, the library is not responsible for the loss or damage of any display materials.   Exhibitors may want to consider not using items of sentimental or high financial value.

Reception Guidelines

  • University Library rooms and spaces may be reserved for display receptions, meetings, and activities linked to exhibits. These should be coordinated with Susan Lindal.
  • Guest exhibitors may request promotional collaboration including but not limited to library social media, daily campus emails, and a library homepage slideshow.  Please contact Susan Lindahl, after display/exhibit approval, for such public requests.
  • A reception date/time must have minimal disruption for students and others.

Available Spaces and Furniture

The images below represent spaces and furniture available for displays and exhibits at University Library.  Please note that the first floor Library Art Lab is only coordinated with the School of Art and Design and the Furlong Gallery for student and faculty exhibits.  It is therefore not an available space. 

Available Display/Exhibit Spaces for Use

1 / 10
First Floor Lobby Tables
2 / 10
First Floor Gallery Wall
3 / 10
Second Floor EMC Juvenile Fiction Shelf Tops
4 / 10
Second Floor Room 211 Walls
5 / 10
Second Floor Comics Area
6 / 10
Second Floor Walls Outside of Room 217
7 / 10
Second Floor Mosaic Shelf
8 / 10
Second Floor Tables Outside of Room 220D
9 / 10
Third Floor Stout Authors or Civil Liberties Shelf Tops
10 / 10
Fifth Floor Shelf Across from Stairway Entrance



Available Display/Exhibit Furniture for Use


Second Floor Glass Case

Second Floor Glass Case

Fifth Floor Exhibit Cabinet inside of Archives

Fifth Floor Exhibit Cabinet inside of Archives

Fifth Floor Display Case outside of Archives

Fifth Floor Display Case outside of Archives

Questions regarding the Display and Exhibit Policy should be referred to University Library Assistant Director Susan Lindahl via email at

This policy is in alignment with, and does not supercede ​pdf iconUW-Stout Policy 76-3: Facilities Use Policy