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FAQs about Interlibrary Loan and UW Borrowing: FAQs about Fetch it for me and UW Borrowing

FAQs about Interlibrary Loan and UW Borrowing








Am I eligible?

Students, staff, and faculty (including emeriti) are eligible to use Interlibrary Loan and UW Borrowing.  Students must be enrolled for at least one credit (thesis-only students please contact the Graduate School about enrolling in TRDIS 700 - Library Research).


Does it cost anything?

No, Interlibary Loan and UW Borrowing are free to all eligible users.  However, any fines related to late, lost, or damaged items will be billed to the requesting patron.


Are there restrictions?

In order to get the item you request it must be:


Can I get Stout textbooks?

No.  Course textbooks must be rented from Instructional Resources Service (IRS)/Textbooks or, if required by your instructor, purchased.  Please note that Interlibrary Loan cannot provide book loans for an entire term.


Can I get Stout library items?

Yes!  Our service includes (actually, it starts with) items held at the University Library.  We will scan print journal articles and book chapters from our collection and electronically deliver them to your ILLiad account.  We will also pull requested books and AV items from our shelves and check them out to you at the Circulation Desk.  We'll send you an email notice when the requested item is available for download or pickup.


What's the difference between Interlibrary Loan and UW Borrowing

Interlibrary Loan supplies copies (articles, chapters, etc.) and loans (books, AV, etc.) of items held by the University Library (campus document delivery) and a global network of more than 70,000 lending libraries and document vendors.

UW Borrowing is the UW System library network.  UW Borrowing libraries share catalog and patron information, which allows patrons to submit requests for books and AV from any UW System library.  Requested loans are delivered via courier to UW Stout within 3-5 business days.


How do I submit a request?

Interlibrary Loan

Use ILLiad to submit all copy requests.  Loan requests can be submitted from ILLiad or Search@UWILLiad requests can be entered manually or from the Find It! button in databases (for articles and book chapters) and WorldCat (for books and AV).  You can also configure Google Scholar to display Find It! and link search results to our local holdings in ILLiad.

UW Borrowing

Use Search@UW to submit loan requests (UW Borrowing does not support copy requests):

  • Sign into the Search@UW catalog and run a search using the "Search All" option from the drop down menu, click the item you want.  A detailed record opens.
  • Under the headline GET IT, click Choose Request from UW System.
  • Complete the form and click Send Request.


Did my request go through?

Interlibrary Loan via ILLiad

On the menu screen, click "Pending Requests".  If the request appears there, it was accepted.

Search@UW via My Account

If "Your request was successfully placed" displays after sending your request, it was accepted.

If you have trouble submitting a reqest in either Interlibrary Loan or Search@UW, please contact the ILL office at 715-232-1112 or


How long before I get my item?

Most items arrive within 1-5 business days.  Some Interlibrary Loan items can take 1-2 weeks or longer.  Item availability, lender policies and processing time, as well as transit time, can each delay the overall turnaround time.  If you need an item by a specific date, please be sure to include that information in your request!

  • If an item is not in our local collection, we request it from another library or vendor.
  • We source items from the quickest and lowest cost supplier available.
  • When your item is available for download or pickup, we will send you an email.
  • If we can't get your item or it's taking longer than expected, we will contact you.


I'm a Distance Patron. Will you ship items to me?

Yes, but you must request from ILLiad (not UW Borrowing) so Stout library staff can field your request appropriately.  Confirm your mailing address by including it in the notes of your request.  Your request will not be processed if your mailing address is not provided in the notes.


How do I renew my item?

Interlibrary Loan items (ILLiad)

Contact the ILL office at or 715-232-1112.

  • Contact us before the due date.
  • Each transaction is eligible for one renewal request, to be granted only if the lender approves.
  • Renewals are not guaranteed--some lenders do not grant renewals.

UW-Stout and UW System items (My Account)

You can renew Stout items and items from other UW libraries online via My Account.


What is my Account?

My Account is your primary library patron account.  It lets you view current transactions and due dates, track pending requests, and renew items from Stout or other UW libraries.


What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is the software we use to facilitate the Fetch it for me service.  ILLiad provides eligible users with an online account for submitting requests, downloading article and chapter scans, and viewing current and past Fetch it for me transactions.


Can I view my ILLiad transactions in My Account?

No. ILLiad and My Account are different software systems.  Transactions placed in one system can be viewed only in that system.


Why can't I login to Illiad?

First check the following:

  • Did you enter your Stout username and password?
  • Are you enrolled in classes or currently teaching classes?
  • Do you have an overdue item?

If you still have login trouble, please contact the Interlibrary Loan Office.


What is your contact info?

Interlibrary Loan Office
123 Swanson Library & Learning Center