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Exam Proctoring Policy: Exam Proctoring Policy

Exam Proctoring Policy


University Library Reference department staff is available to proctor exams for both on campus and virtual students.  We will also proctor exams for community patrons.  Tests are proctored free of charge as long as the instructor agrees to the following terms:

  • Student must schedule the test with the reference department at least one week in advance, at a time that is convenient for the reference staff.  This is to ensure the availability of the proctor and facilities.
  • The exam may be proctored by any of the Reference Department professional staff.
  • For online exams, the student will be placed on a public computer, which has full internet access and cannot be locked down.  no books, notes, etc. will be allowed if forbidden by the instructor.
  • The proctor will check on the student periodically, but will not monitor him/her constantly.
  • The library cannot guarantee a completely quiet and/or private environment.  In order to keep an eye on the student they will need to be in the public area near the reference desk.
  • The library cannot accommodate tests that require special equipment or software and reserves the right to refuse proctoring service if testing requirements exceed staff or facility capabilities.
  • Current contact information for the instructor is required, so that the proctor can contact him/her quickly if problems arise.
  • The student will need to provide their contact information, name of the class, any necessary proctoring agreement paperwork (if required by instructor) and contact information for the instructor at the time the student schedules the proctoring date.
  • A valid photo I.D. must be presented at the time of the test and student is required to provide all needed test taking supplies.  Postage, photocopies, printing and any other costs associated with the test are the responsibility of the student.
  • The instructor must provide written guidelines on test administration, such as time limit, not books/notes allowed, etc., as well as instructions on how, where, and to whom to send the completed test.

If you need continuous monitoring, or the library cannot accommodate you, please contact the Advisement Center.

Tests which are e-mailed to the proctor will be downloaded to a flash drive for the student.  The completed test will then be e-mailed back to the instructor as an attachment.  Staff will ensure the test is then removed from the flash drive as soon as the professor confirms receipt of the completed exam.

Test taking materials should be sent to the person that you are working with in reference.