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December 2-3, 2015 | University of Wisconin-Stout | Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center

Symposium Overview

John Willison: Introducing the Research SKills Development Framework (Keynote)

Walk through the six facets of the RSD Framework with John Willison as he describes how the framework can be introduced and used across the curriculum and across grade levels.

Dorothy Missingham: Optimizing Problem Solving (OPS) Pentagon

Learn how tutors of a First Year Mechanical Engineering course were challenged by their coordinator, Dorothy Missingham, to adapt the RSD Framework to the needs of student engineers. This adaptation helps students   reflect on engineering processes and write them into an OPS format. Repeated exposure to OPS also has positive implications for other disciplines in which   problem solving is a core component

Caching the RSD Activity

Second year cohort members from the NTLC Undergraduate Research CoP designed a series of interactive stations to introduce the RSD and explained their expanded understanding, comfort, and competence in applying RSD research strategies as sound pedagogical practice.

Jessy Polzer: Integrating Information Literacy within the RSD Framework

The Information Literacy Framework from the Association of College & Research Libraries is complementary to the RSD Framework, offering breadth, depth and fresh perspective into the student research process. This session will introduced the Info Lit Framework and offer tools for RSD integration in the classroom.

Calling Back to Vaudeville: A Family Business (Student Research Presentation)

Did you know that there is a longstanding tradition of cartoons and cartoonists in Vaudeville? Calling back to Vaudeville: A Family Business is a multi-media comics presentation combining prerecorded and live performances drawing on the history of cartoons and cartoonists in American Vaudeville by UW-Stout Entertainment Design majors concentrating in Comics and Sequential Art.

Sylvia Tiala & Kim Zagorski: Goalmouth Activity