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Welcome to the UW-Stout equity, diversity & inclusion library guides

The equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) centered library guides are designed to give individuals resources that expand their understanding of diverse issues. The EDI library guides were created in collaboration with UW-Stout students, faculty and staff.

In UW-Stout’s Focus 2030 Strategic Plan, one of our goals is to “invest in, and ensure access to, equitable, diverse and inclusive learning, student living, and work environments that reflect our regional and global connections”.

One part of this commitment includes ensuring our faculty, staff, students and community members have access to information to assist in our continued development of a more equitable and inclusive environment. Education is only a first step to reaching this goal, and we hope each of you take the opportunity to learn something new, challenge yourself, and use the information to make the environments you work and live in more equitable and inclusive.

We recognize none of the EDI centered guides are exhaustive as our local and global landscape is ever changing. These guides are resources that will evolve over time.

We welcome recommendations to add to the guides, and we welcome challenges if you feel any resource is outdated or out of touch. Please email with your suggestions. Every suggestion will be reviewed by several creators of these guides to ensure these resources align with UW-Stout’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Not sure where to begin?

There are a great number of resources in these EDI library guides, and we recognize that can be overwhelming and make it hard to decide where to begin. We asked several faculty, staff and students a very tough question in Summer 2021 – “if you could only recommend one resource to someone interested in starting to educate themselves on equity, diversity and inclusion related subject matter, what resource would you recommend?” Below you will find the compilation of responses, providing you a place to start. 

Glossary of Terms

We have included some files with terminology you may hear or read during your exploration of these resources.