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Problems Accessing Stout Databases?

Any problems, contact the library right away at (715)232-1215 or Ask a Librarian to chat, text or email. And try some of the fixes below.

Try this First

  1. Clear your browser's cache or browsing history
  2. Switch browsers

Still Can't Access Library Resources?

Try to connect to a different database
If that one works, then there is a probably a problem at the vendor's end with connectivity. Contact the library reference staff with the Ask a Librarian form or call (715)-232-1215 so that librarians can work with the vendor to solve the problem.

Enable JavaScript
JavaScript can be a security risk if you happen to encounter a malicious web site. For that reason some users choose to turn the JavaScript functions off in their browser.

Allow Cross-site Scripting
Some computers have security that blocks cross-site scripting. This can be a problem moving from Search@UW to another database.

Check Personal Firewalls or Security Programs
Firewalls work by blocking traffic moving in and out or your home network.  Depending upon the firewall you use, the default settings may be very restrictive or permissive.  If you install or upgrade a firewall you may suddenly notice that a web resource is unavailable.  Fortunately most firewalls allow you to specify what can pass through to your network. 

Institutional Firewall

  • Certain ports may need to be opened on the user's side.
  • Many corporations and schools use firewalls and/or proxy servers for network security reasons.
  • Some companies have employee's browsers configured to use their own proxy server (or not enable acceptance of cookies or some other security setting) that may interfere with the Stout Library's proxy server.

Many problems using remote access from work or another school may need to be resolved with your company's or school's Information Technology staff. Your school or company IT staff will need to contact the library about opening certain ports so that you can have access to the library's databases.