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Stout Creative and Research Scholars: Frequently Asked Questions

Stout Creative and Research Scholars


Q: If I post my work to this collection, do I get to keep my copyright?

A: Participants in this project automatically retain the copyright they possess. Unless you designate a creative commons license for your project, all rights to redistribution and reuse will remain with you. Unless you choose to use a Creative Commons license, your works can be labeled “copyrighted materials – all rights reserved by author/creator.” 

Q: Why might I want to use a Creative Commons license for my submission?

A: Implementing a Creative Commons License allows you to dictate when, where, and how their works can be utilized by others. Anyone using your work will have a clear understanding of how you'd like your work to be repurposed or redistributed, and no one will need to track you down to clarify how they can use your work.

Q: What does a Creative Commons license dictate/how will I know which one to choose?

A: Creative Commons licenses determine whether other parties can alter, distribute, or reuse your work. They also designate commercial vs. non-commercial usage, what types of attributions you require, and how they can license any works that reuse your creation. For more information on the types of Creative Commons licenses you can choose, view the link below:


Q: Does this opportunity replicate work published in the Journal of Student Research?

A: Work published in the Journal of Student Research is already included in the Stout Creative and Research Scholars collection on Minds@UW, as are theses and dissertations, so work will not be replicated. This publishing opportunity is for research that has not yet been published on Minds@UW.

Q: If I submit my work to be published on Minds@UW, will I be unable to publish the same work with other publications?

A: This depends on many different factors and is determined on a case by case basis. We would love to discuss this question with you, so please reach out to the Archives at for more information.

Faculty/Instructor FAQs

Q: Can faculty in our department  control what students publish from our capstone classes? We want to make sure they made the edits we requested. 

A: Project staff can work with faculty to designate course specific collections. Faculty can request that student projects in these collections from these courses can be vetted in consultation with faculty from the department before publication in Minds@UW.

Q: Do you check you the projects against IRB paperwork/nondisclosure agreements before publishing? 

A: Project staff do not review IRB or nondisclosure paperwork directly, but submissions require students to indicate whether they have completed IRB/nondisclosure forms and affirm that their submissions to Minds@UW are in compliance with their project's restrictions.

Q: Can faculty post our professional posters on Minds, too? 

A: Yes! Of course. We are also happy to assist you with creating handouts that link to the Minds@UW version of your poster or to help you determine when you can publish the contents online.