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Stout Creative and Research Scholars: College of Arts and Human Sciences

Stout Creative and Research Scholars

Art and Art History Department

Darren Tesar Addicted to Resurrection, Solo Exhibition, Mirror Lab, Minneapolis, MN
Rachel Bruya Solo Exhibition, Overlook Gallery, Phipps Center for Arts, Hudson, WI


Design Department

Dave Beck, Erik Evensen, and Seth Berrier Distilled Board Game, Paverson Games, 2022
Michael Heagle Class of 1988 - Fright Film Annual, book, Self-published, 2020


Counselling, Rehabilitation, and Human Services Department

Riley Drake Unsettling Calm and Order: The Paradoxical Dynamics of a White Elementary Teacher's Racialized Carceral LogicsInternational Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 2024
Riley Drake, Alicia Oglesby, Apple Amos, and Jessica Engelking Toward the End of School Counseling: Visionary Possibilities for Counselors to Build and Practice Abolition in EducationRace Ethnicity and Education, 2024
Riley Drake, R. Mayes, S. Hollins, and S. White "We Still Find A Way to Smile": Black School Counselors Reclaiming Black Joy and Resistance, Professional School Counseling, Accepted
Riley Drake Dreaming Communities of Care: Radical World-building with Abolitionist Organizers Toward Our Students' Heartwholeness, Decolonizing Classroom Management: A Critical Examination of the Cultural Assumptions and Norms in Traditional Practices, Rowman & Littlefield, In Press
Riley Drake, R. Mayes, C. Cheatham, M. Dhahan, and K. Mitchell-Dodge Tending to the Whole Child: Humanizing Black Boys and Young Men Through an Abolitionist Approach to Social Emotional Learning, Counseling Black Males With Excellence: Exploring Career, Clinical, and School Contexts, Accepted
Riley Drake, Benjamin Kearl, and Renae Mayes Affirming Black Joy & Homeplace: A Call to Action for Practitioner Preparation ProgramsTheory Into Practice, 2024
Riley Drake, Cristina Poleacovschi, Kasey Faust, Arie True-Funk, and Jessica Kaminsky Civil Engineering Students as Avoidant Actors: Using Culturally Relevant Problem-solving to Increase Critical Action AttitudesJournal of Engineering Education, 2023
Riley Drake Solidarity as Social and Emotional SafetyLearning for Justice, 2023
Riley Drake, and Gabriel Rodriguez Nice to Whom? How Midwestern Niceness Undermines Educational Equity, Berkeley Review of Education, 2022
Riley Drake, Scott Feinstein, Cristina Poleacovschi, and Leslie Winters States and Refugee Integration: A Comparative Analysis of France, Germany, and SwitzerlandJournal of International Migration and Integration, 2022
Riley Drake, and Alicia Oglesby Humanity is Not a Thing: Disrupting White Supremacy in K-12 Social Emotional Learning, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis, 2020
Angela Axelrod Treating Functional Nonretentive Fecal Incontinence Using a Comprehensive Behavioral Treatment Across SettingClinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, 2023
Candice Maier "It's Splendid Once You Grow Into It" : Client Experiences of Relational Teletherapy in the Era of COVID-19Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 2021


English, Philosophy, and Communication Studies Department

Alexander Bozzo Abortion and the Basis of Equality: A Reply to MillerJournal of Medical Ethics, 2023
Alexander Bozzo Is Same-Sex Marriage Unjust?Think, 2022
Alexander Bozzo Hume, Substance, and Causation: A Solution to a Nasty ProblemHume Studies, 2023
Alexander Bozzo Faint Impressions, Forceful Ideas: Hume's Impression/Idea DistinctionHistory of Philosophy and Logical Analysis, 2021
Justin Nicholes Creative Writing Across the Curriculum: Meaningful Literacy for College Writers Across Disciplines, Languages, and IdentitiesJohn Benjamins, 2022
Julie Watts Communicating Instructor Power Online: A Case Study Examining Communities of InquiryJournal of Educators Online, 2022
Daisy Pignetti Petty Things and Nemeses, Celebrity Studies, 2021


Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Department

Kevin Mason, Christine Peterson, Debbie Stanislawski, Diane Klemme, Ann Oberding, and Allison Feller The Development, Validation and Implementation of a Professional Disposition Instrument for Educator Preparation ProgramsEducation Journal, 2021
Greg Matthias, Kevin Mason, and Heidi Olson The Biology of Evaluating Skin Products: Inquiry-based Learning in Anatomy and PhysiologyAmerican Biology Teacher, 2021
Grant Edmund Allen Active Supervision: Empowering Teachers and Families to Support Students in Varied Learning ContextsPreventing School Failure, 2023
Kevin Mason, Greg Matthias, Steve Schieffer, and Tara Rose A Problem-Solving Experiment: Using Beer's Law to Find the Concentration of TartrazineThe Science Teacher, 2022


Kinesiology, Health, Food and Nutritional Sciences Department

Pranabendu Mitra, Fei Xiang, Zhe Liu, Hui Hu, Xiaojie Ma, Jinjin Zhu, Aimin Shi, and Qiang Wang Advances of Blend Films Based on Natural Food Soft Matter: Multi-Scale Structural Analysis, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2023  
Pranabendu Mitra and Hosahalli Ramaswamy Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Modeling to Predict the Twin-Screw Extrusion Processing Variables of Soy Protein Isolate and Corn Flour Blend Formulations on the Physical Properties of Extrudates, Journal of the Saudi Society for Food and Nutrition, 2021  
Pranabendu Mitra, Sagar Khanvilkar, Sai Kumar Samudrala, and Kaushal Sunil Shroff Conversion of Industrial Food Wastes Cranberry Pomace into Foods Blending with Rice Flour Using Single-screw Extrusion ProcessJournal of Food Industry, 2022  
Pranabendu Mitra, Srikanth Manohar Pakki, Binu Acharya, and Sagar Khanvilkar Optimization of Single Screw Extrusion Processing Variables and Soy and Rice Flour Blend Formulations Based on Physical Properties of Extrudates, Current Chinese Science, 2023  
Pranabendu Mitra, Ran Zhou, Andrew Melnychenko, and Syed Rizvi Quality Attributes and Rheological Properties of Novel High Milk Protein-Based Extrudates Made by Supercritical Fluid Extrusion, International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2021  
Pranabendu Mitra, Ran Zhou, and Syed Rizvi Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extrusion of Milk Protein Concentrate and Rice Flour Blend: A New Dairy Nutrition Deliver PlatformJournal of Food Process Engineering, 2022  
Pablo Vinan, Monik Ruparel, Resha Tandukar, and Pranabendu Mitra Optimization of Coffee-Gelatin Shot Formulations Based on Physicochemical, Rheological and Sensory Properties Using Response Surface MethodologyJournal of Food Industry, 2023  
Pranabendu Mitra, Kripa Nepal, and Prerana Tavade Effect of Whey and Soy Proteins Fortification on the Textural and Rheological Properties of Value-added Yogurts, Applied Food Research, 2022  
Eun Joo Lee Activity of Phosvitin in Hydroxyapatite Acid-Damage Immersion and Antimicrobial AssaysBiochemistry Research International, 2020  
Kerry Peterson Implementation and Evaluation fo a Small-Scale Farm to School Program in Rural Wisconsin Area Elementary SchoolsJournal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 2020  


Psychology Department

Dana Linnell, and Bianca Montrosse-Moorhead Navigating the Boundaries Between Evaluators and Similar Applied ProfessionalsEvaluation, 2024
Dana Linnell, Cade Coles, Tiffany Tovey, Libby Smith, and Deven Wisner Explicitly Integrating Interpersonal Skills in the Evaluation Curriculum, New Directions for Evaluation, 2023
Michael Mensink, Panayiota Kendeou, and David Rapp Do Different Kinds of Introductions Influence Comprehension and Memory for Scientific Explanations?Discourse Processes, 2021
Michael Mensink Emotional Responses to Seductive Scientific Texts During Online and Offline Reading Tasks, Discourse Processes, 2021
Dana Linnell  Review of Nonprofit Program Evaluation Made Simple: Get Your Data, Show Your Impact, Improve Your ProgramsEvaluation and Program Planning, 2022
Kiki Gorbatenko-Roth Psychosocial Impact of Pediatric Alopecia Areata: A Survey StudyPediatric Dermatology, 2023


Social Science Department

Andrew Swanson, Zach Raff, and Danielle Zanzalari Do Political Leaders Impact Economic Freedom at the Local Level? Evidence from Close ElectionsPublic Finance Review, 2024
Andrew Swanson, and Danielle Zanzalari Do Local Labor Market Conditions Impact Bank Profitability?Review of Financial Economics, 2021
Tina Lee Foreword: Response to the Symposium: Strengthened Bonds: Abolishing the Child Welfare System and Re-Envisioning Child Well-Being, Columbia Journal of Race and Law, 2022
Zach Raff Political Differences in Air Pollution Abatement Under the Clean Air ActJournal of Public Economics, 2022