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Stout Creative and Research Scholars: College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Management

Stout Creative and Research Scholars

Chemistry and Physics Department

Daniel Wilhelm Sinkovits The Cross Diagram for Kinematics ProgramsThe Physics Teacher, 2022
Jonathan Frisch Synthesis, Characterization and Stability of Poly(ethylene-co-acrylic acid) films surface functionalized with fluorescent moietiesReactive & Functional Polymers, 2020


Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department

Christopher Bendel On Donkin's Tilting Module Conjecture I: Lowering the PrimeRepresentation Theory, 2022
Min Shu The 2020 Global Stock Market Crash: Endogenous or Exogenous?Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, 2022


Business Department

Mary Spaeth Constraining Contexts in the Creative Industries Women Entrepreneurs in Architecture, Women and Global Entrepreneurship, 2021
Ann Hoel, Min DeGruson, Laura Schmidt An Analysis of Students' Transition Back to Face-to-Face Instruction, Innovative Strateies to Advance Student Learning, Evidence Based Teaching & Learning Conference, San Diego, CA 2023


Operations and Management Department

Chang-Ray Chen A Comparison of Georgia DOT's Design-Build Legislation and Project Expenditures with Those of Bordering StatesConstruction Research Congress on Project Management and Delivery, Contracts, and Design and Materials, 2022
Jason Liu Optimal Wireless Information and Power Transfer Using Deep Q-NetworkWireless Power Transfer, 2021


Engineering and Technology Department

Vincent Wheeler Progress in Heat Transfer Research for High Temperature Solar Thermal ApplicationsApplied Thermal Engineering, 2021
Min DeGruson Sustainable Food Packaging, Reference Module in Food Science, 2023
Devin Berg A Novel 3D Ring Based Flapper Valve for Soft Robotics ApplicationsRobotics Journal, 2022


Hospitality and Technology Innovation Department

Eric Brey Understanding Golf Satisfaction: An Expanded Role of Hospitality AttributesManaging Sport and Leisure, 2022
Kevin Tharp "Fostering Social Presence and Sense of Belonging in University Students by Creating an Extracurricular Online Community", part of the CSCL In Times of Crisis Webinar Series, 2021