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Library Research 101: A Timeline of Information

A Timeline of Information

When an event occurs, the information available about that event progresses from the reporting of facts to the publication of books and reference books. Let’s follow the journey from occurrence to scholarly research and analysis by watching this Information Cycle video.

  • An Event Occurs
  • Arrow
  • Minutes:
    Tweets and Posts
  • Arrow
  • Hours:
    TV, Radio & Online News
  • Arrow
  • Days:
    Newspaper Articles
  • Arrow
  • Weeks:
    Popular & News Magazines
  • Arrow
  • Months:
    Academic Journals
  • Arrow
  • Years:
    Books, Encyclopedias & Reports
  • Arrow
  • Scholarly Research and Analysis
When reading a news or magazine article or watching the news:
  • Pay attention to mentions of studies done
  • Note university or organization that did the study, and/or names of researchers
  • With this information you can find the original study
  • The original research may provide more details needed for your project